The Guide to the Moon DDS Build (Pure Build Guide)

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The Guide to the Moon DDS Build (Pure Build Guide)

Post by Moonreborn on Wed May 10, 2017 2:09 pm

Hey Guildies! Here it is as promised! The Definitive guide to my pure build! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What is a pure?
The term "pure" refers to the style of training a person prefers. When I refer to the term "Pure," I am referring to a Combat Pure.
Combat Pure - A player who's main focus is to train combat skills while maintaining a low combat level through avoiding leveling defense.
What is the purpose of a pure?
Usually players level pures for Pk'ing purposes. Pure's are a profitable way to PK because often times you will have much higher combat stats than players of the same level due to having 1 Defense and low Prayer giving you a distinct advantage.

What does this guide cover?
This guide will cover many of the favorite spots and methods used to train pures in Old School Runescape. I will cover the quests you will need to complete as well as the ones you should avoid completing and their requirements. I will try to post accurate Experience rates to the best of my ability, but it is difficult to find accurate information for outdated content.

Leveling Magic as quickly and cost efficient as possible:

In my opinion the best way to start leveling our pure is by training our Magic skill. A high Magic level will provide us with a good way to kill high level quest targets, the ability to teleport to save time, and a possible moneymaking technique. Not to mentions very powerful spells including: Teleport Block, Entangle, God Spells, and Ancient Magic spells.

For each section I will post a Shopping list. It will be beneficial if you buy the items prior to trying to follow the guide. I will explain what the items will be used for in the section they're posted in respectively. This guide will require that you have a fair amount of GP prior to starting it to hit the expected Experience/hour marks, if you can't afford everything right away it shouldn't affect the guide as I will post alternative options for the more expensive items.

Shopping List: 1 - 42~ Magic
20 Air Runes
20 Mind Runes
2000 Body Runes
4000 Water Runes
1 Staff of Earth
Iron Full Helm
Iron Kite Shield
Iron Platebody
Iron Platelegs/plateskirt
Based on the shopping list it should be pretty obvious how we're going to train. Gather all of your runes and head over to Varrock Castle. Cast Wind Strike on the Monk of Zamorak (Level - 17) until you hit level 3 Magic. From level 3 on you may find using the various debuff spells to be among the most cost efficient Magic experience in the game. Cast Confuse until level 11, and Weaken until level 18. From level 18 on we will be using Curse to level our Magic skill.

*Basically equip your Iron armor to obtain a low enough Magic bonus that your spells nearly always splash, thus allowing you to recast the same spell on the same target.

Magic by nature is extremely expensive to level due to the cost of runes. In order to keep it as cheap as possible I recommend using Curse from level 18 until level 55. I realize that this requires a lot of clicking and attention so try to train it in sessions to break the monotony. You may be tempted to use Fire Strike to level since it requires a lot less effort, but lets analyze what the extra work does for us.
2 Water Runes - 6GP
1 Body Rune - 3GP
Each Curse will grant 29 Magic experience. Assuming you bought the runes at minimum price you will have paid 9GP per cast.
29/9 = 3.222 exp/GP

Fire Strike:
3 Fire Runes - 12Gp
1 Mind Rune - 4Gp
Each Fire Strike grants a base 13.5 experience with the potential of giving 27.5 exp if you hit for 8. Assuming you paid low to average market price you will have paid 46GP per cast of Fire Strike.

As shown here, even in ideal circumstances where your Fire Strike always hits for 8 damage, Curse is 537% more cost efficient. It is impossible to calculate exact experience rates with a non-static experience rate so my results may vary. In a more realistic setting where your strikes give you an average of .48 exp/gp, Curse is 671% more cost efficient!

How much will it cost me to Curse from 18 to 55 Magic?
55: 163113 exp
163113/29 = 5625 Curses.
5625 x 9 = 50625GP
It will cost you around 50K to get to 55 magic if you pay 9GP per cast.

Shopping List: 55+ Magic
Staff of Fire
1000 Yew/Magic (Preferred) Longbows
1000 Nature Runes
High Alchemy is a spell unlocked at Magic Level 55, and is probably the best way to train the Magic skill in the game apart from bursting. If you're able to get the materials at the right price to High Alch longbows you can actually turn a profit. It is unlikely that you will find someone selling the materials cheap enough for you to actually earn gold, but if you're lucky you can buy them low enough to where it costs you less than Curse even break even!

Alching Magic Longbows is preferred because it is easier to turn a profit.
At current market price:
Yew Longbows are around 550GP each.
Magic Longbows are around 1300GP each.
Nature Runes are around 230GP each.
As you can see Magic Longbows cost less to alch than Yew Longbows.

High Alchemy gives 65 experience per cast I would recommend using this leveling method up until your desired Magic level, this guide is after all about training as cheaply as possible.


Ranged is an extremely important part of playing a pure. This will be the source of over half of our hit point levels as well as bring some gold in to our bank. This is personally my favorite skill in Runescape because I like the idea of bursting someone down with quick hits from a bow. This portion of the guide is almost exactly the same as my 8 year old guide, hopefully better written and a little updated.

We can save ourselves some time by picking up everything we need from 1 to 60+ ranged at once. The old adage "you can't catch a fish if your baits out of water" applies here. The less time we spend trading, the more time we can spend leveling our skills to get in the wilderness.

Shopping List (Prior to Training)
Leather Body - Buy a bunch of these, as a pure ranger this is your chest piece for life.
Leather Chaps
Studded Chaps
Green Dragonhide Pure set
Blue Dragonhide Pure set
Red Dragonhide Pure set
Black Dragonhide Pure set
Amulet of Power/Glory
Steel Darts/Mithril Darts (Depending on cost you want to pay)

Current Market Prices:
Steel Dart 36-40Gp
Mithril Dart 75-80Gp

#1: Falador Cows 1-20
There is not much to say about this stage of your leveling. Basically all you're doing is killing cows south of Falador. I do not recommend killing them in Lumbridge because it is usually more crowded and is farther from a bank if you choose to pick up the cowhides. Picking up the cowhides will most definitely cut your experience rates in half, but if you need the gold then go ahead and bank them. If you haven't started training your Thieving yet you can bring a Tinderbox and Bronze Axe to cook the Raw Beef. Alternatively you can kill Chickens and pick up Feathers which sell for about 6GP each but this will slow you down quite a bit.

Be sure to always train on the fastest combat style - Rapid.

Level 20 requires 4470 experience.
Cows - 32 exp each.
Calves - 24 exp each.
4470/32 = 140 Cows to finish this stage. Give Cows priority over Calves, the extra 8 experience per kill can mean a few minutes of time saved.

Alternatively at this level you can go to the Sand Crabs spawn point on the south coast of Zeah.

#2: Varrock Sewers Skeletons or Edgeville Guards 20-30

I have used two spots for this stage of leveling and find both to provide adequate experience rates for our purposes. I recommend that you utilize the Sewer Skeleton method over the Edgeville Guards as Skeletons provide slightly higher experience. Guards are not a bad place to train if that is your preference, Skeletons are just more efficient. Grab your Studded Chaps and head to the training spot of your choice.

Again, there is little to say about this stage of training. In both spots you will utilize a metal gate as a safe spot and range the monsters through it.

Level 30 requires 13363 experience.
Skeletons - 96 exp each.
13363-4470 = 8893
8893/96 = 93 Skeletons to finish this stage. Be sure you pick up all your Knives/Arrows and prepare for the next area.

Guards - 88 exp each.
8893/88 = 102 Guards to finish this stage.

#3: Rellekan Rock/Sand Crabs 30-60+

If the Rock Crabs stop standing up after a while you will need to run out south of the zone and run back in.

Our next zone begins at 60 so I'll list the experienced required to graduate to it.
Level 60 required 273742 experience.
Rock Crabs - 200 exp each.
273742-13363 = 140379
140379/200 = 702 Rock Crabs to move to the next area.

For reference:
Levels 30-40: 23861 Exp = 120 Rock/Sand Crabs
Levels 40-50: 64109 Exp = 321 Rock/Sand Crabs
Levels 50-60: 172409 Exp = 863 Rock/Sand Crabs

Sand Crabs are very similar to Rock Crabs, but you cannot use a cannon on them, as the cannonballs pass through their Sandy Core.

Questing on a Pure
A complete guide for getting the essentials for PKing on a pure.

This section of the guide will focus on what quests you should do as a pure to unlock the ability to use many of the most powerful items a pure can wield as well as some training areas and slayer monsters. I highly recommend completing the quests in the order that I list them, and having the stats I recommend prior to questing will save you a considerable amount of time. You will find all of the requirements and rewards are listed near the quest. I have arranged the order of quests based on their skill requirements as to not overtrain certain skills.

Before beginning this long series of quests I recommend getting the following stats:
10 Fishing - 10 Herblore - 10 Fletching
15 Agility - 15 Thieving - 20 Smithing
30 Cooking - 31 Crafting - 35 Woodcutting
40 Ranged or 45 Magic

Questing Order for Monkey Madness
These quests are to be done prior to training your Attack and Strength skills as it will allow you to skip very slow stages of training. For any combat in questing I used Ranged or Magic while safe spotting when available.
After getting the stats previously stated you will be able to complete most of the quests required of a pure. Start by completing The Waterfall quest. This will reward you with 13750 Attack and Strength experience (Level 30) as well as unlock the ability to train on Fire Giants in the Waterfall dungeon
Next complete The Tourist Trap as it will reward you with enough experience to boost your Agility and Thieving to 25, a requirement for a couple of the quests we'll be doing in the future.
The next quest on our list will be Tree Gnome Village, a prerequisite for The Grand Tree. You will receive 11450 Attack experience for completing this quest which will put you at 36 Attack if you started from 1.
Complete The Grand Tree as a prereq. for Monkey Madness. You will receive 18400 Attack experience and 7900 Agility experience for completing this quest.
Finally work on completing Monkey Madness when you have the appropriate stats. DO NOT TALK TO DAERO AFTER COMPLETING MONKEY MADNESS! HE WILL GIVE YOU A MINIMUM OF 20000 DEFENSE EXPERIENCE!!! Completing Monkey Madness will give you access to the Dragon Scimitar, one of the best pure weapons in the game.
OPTIONAL: You can complete Fight Arena for 12175 Attack and 3000 Thieving experience.

This completes our first big chunk of questing. If you complete the quests above you should now be at 41(44) Attack, 30 Strength, 31 Agility, and 25(28) Thieving, thus avoiding having to train with pre-rune weapons and having to waste time training skills. It is okay if haven't completed Monkey Madness yet, but you will need to prior to pk'ing or doing Recipe for Disaster.

You have a few options from here questing wise, you can prepare for either Recipe for Disaster or Desert Treasure. You will also need to complete Lost City at some point which allows the use of the Dragon Dagger and Dragon Longsword, and Horror from the Deep which allows the use of a Prayer Book

Desert Treasure
The completion of Desert Treasure will reward you with the ability to use Ancient Magicks and an Ancient Staff.
Skill Requirements: 10 Slayer, 53 Thieving, 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic.
Quest Requirements: The Digsite, The Tourist Trap, Temple of Ikov, Priest in Peril, The Waterfall, and Troll Stronghold.
To start preparing for Desert Treasure you should first complete The Restless Ghost (not required, but it will give you free Prayer experience) and Priest in Peril. Completing these quests will land you at 13 prayer, you can either stay at 13 for a lower combat level or level to 31 for an extra 5% strength. I do not recommend going past 31 Prayer unless you plan on transitioning to a Zerker.

You can start Animal Magnetism now if you have completed Ernest the Chicken. You can also start Creature of Fenkenstrain to gain access to Experiments.
Complete Druidic Ritual and Death Plateau, the work on completing The Digsite and Troll Stronghold
Complete Temple of Ikov after training your Thieving to 42 and you're ready to begin working on Desert Treasure once you have met the skill requirements.
Recipe for Disaster
The completion of Recipe for Disaster will grant the use of Mithril Gloves, the best gloves in the game for a 1 Defense pure.

Skill Requirements: 30 Crafting, 10 Fishing, 25 Thieving, 5 Fletching, 30 Cooking, and 30 Ranged.
Quest Requirements: Cook's Assistant, Fishing Contest, Goblin Diplomacy, Gertrude's Cat, Demon Slayer, The Golem, Shadow of the Storm, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, and Monkey Madness.
There isn't much of a trick to completing the quests required for Recipe for Disaster. You basically just complete them all in order as they are all easy. You will obviously need to do The Golem and Demon Slayer prior to starting Shadow of the Storm, otherwise just complete the miniquests up to Mithril gloves and you're done here.
If you have completed all the listed quests you will have unlocked the ability to use: Dragon Scimitar, Dragon Dagger, Dragon Longsword, Climbing Boots, Mithril Gloves, Ancient Magicks, and Ava's Accumulator.

Quests to Avoid! (Very Important!)
I thought it might be useful to list the quests that you should avoid doing. The following quests award Defense experience and should only be done if you want to become a Zerker:
Heroes Quest
Dragon Slayer
Nature Spirit
Holy Grail
In Search of the Myreque
The Freminik Trials

A quick rundown of how to train Attack and Strength:

Melee training is the most monotonous part of leveling a pure because you have to level two stats for a while which takes a lot of time. Luckily for us, we were smart and quested our way to 44 Attack and 30 Strength. There is no new information for training melee, we're going to use two spots from the Ranged portion of this guide all the way to our goal levels.

Shopping List - Melee 40+
Dragon Scimitar
Dragon Dagger
Rune Scimitar/Brine Saber (not needed if you already did Desert Treasure.)
Amulet of Strength/Power/Glory
You should still have your Iron Plate set from training Magic, you can either use that or Monk's Robes to train melee. I would suggest Monk's Robes if you plan on praying (with prayer potions) to get more longevity out of your prayer points. If you already completed Desert Treasure you can use your Ancient Staff up to 60 Attack as it has a higher Strength bonus than a Rune Scimitar. You will probably want to bring some food (cakes or fish will be fine).

Head back to the Rock Crabs/Sand Crabs and train your Attack and Strength to 60 and 50 respectively, occasionally switching to your Dragon Dagger and using up your Special Attack Energy for the rest of your melee training.

After 60 attack you pretty much never want to switch off of Slash as extra Attack levels don't do very much for you unless you plan on using an Abyssal Whip.

Well that's about it Guildies, But if you've got any questions leave them below ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yours Truly,
Moon. #InMoonWeTrust


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Re: The Guide to the Moon DDS Build (Pure Build Guide)

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